The IRTA Library covers virtually every topic related to modern trade and barter.

IRTA is committed to providing its members and the general business public with useful information regarding reciprocal trade and up to date news on the Modern Trade and Barter Industry. IRTA has a Resources Library spanning thirty-three years, with over 80 important Fact Sheets and Advisory Memos on virtually every topic related to the management of an organized trade exchange.

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IRTA’s FULL Resource Library, a collection of thirty-seven years of educational information is available to IRTA members only. If you are an IRTA member and would like copies of IRTA Library materials, please contact IRTA’s Executive Director Ron Whitney via email with your request at

The IRTA Resource Library includes, but is not limited to, the following educational materials:

I. IRTA Policy, Ethics and Conduct

  • IRTA New Ethics & Conduct Code, (approved by IRTA Global board and IRTA membership on September 20, 2011)
  • IRTA Mission & Purpose Statements
  • IRTA Regulations #’s 1 through 6.
  • IRTA Bylaws
  • Universal Currency Rules and Regulations
  • Universal Currency Credit Extension Matrix
  • Universal Currency Bylaws
  • Registered Trade Broker (RTB) and Certified Trade Broker (CTB) workbooks and testing
  • Broker Training Manual
  • Sales Training Manual

II. IRTA Fact Sheets & Advisory Memos

  • Why Business People Barter
  • Checklist of Potential Clients for Barter Exchanges
  • Highest Responsibilities of a Trade Exchange
  • The Modern Commercial Barter Exchange
  • The Commercial Barter Industry
  • Starting a Barter Exchange
  • Guidance on Control and Reduction of Exchange Deficits
  • Character, Use & Evaluation of Trade Dollars
  • Legal Liability of Trade Dollars
  • Countertrade
  • 9 Pillars of Trade Exchange Management
  • Borrowing & Lending in a Trade Exchange
  • Commercial Barter & Public Policy
  • Accounting For Trade Credits by Public Companies
  • Is a Barter Exchange a Seller or Promoter of Travel?
  • Is a Barter Exchange in the Business of Making Referrals for a Fee?
  • U.S. Tax Compliance of the Barter Industry
  • Barter Finance for Hospitality Industry Services
  • Common Law Test for Independent Contractors
  • Individual & Corporate Charitable Contributions Through Barter
  • Brief to IRS in the Matter of The Trade Exchange, Inc.
  • IRS Information Reporting Memo
  • Due Bills & Scrip
  • IRTA Model Membership Contract
  • Loan & Security Agreements
  • Contract for Purchase and Sale of a Barter Exchange
  • Is a Franchise in Your Future? Pros and Cons & Cautions
  • Handling of House Accounts to Abide by IRS Rules
  • IRPAC Recommendations on Non-Matching TIN Issues
  • Form Letters to Respond to the IRS on 972CG and CP2100 non-matching TIN Collection Matters
  • Powerpoint Presentation on How to Handle IRS Non-Matching TIN issues
  • Powerpoint on the Benefits of Organized Barter
  • Use of Trade Dollars for Employee Compensation
  • PCI Compliance for the Barter Industry – Advisory Memo
  • Advertising Agencies and the Barter Business

III. Legal, Legislative & Accounting

  • U.S. Congress H.R. 4201 – commercial Barter Self Regulation Act
  • U.S. Civil Aeronautics Board Ruling Allowing Unrestricted Barter of Air Travel
  • Accounting Principles Board Opinion #29
  • North Carolina Bar Association Opinion of 10/29/10 Permitting Attotrneys to Participate in Barter Exchanges
  • EITF 93-11 on Accounting for Barter Transactions Involving Barter Credit
  • Court Ruling and IRTA Brief – Taxing of Exchange Deficits
  • Wright v. IRS
  • Indiana State’s Barter of Liquor Opinion
  • Liberty Dollars Verdict Does Not Effect the Organized Barter Industry – Press Release, April 2011
  • Guarding Against Wrongful Discharge Law Suits
  • Lawful Protection of Trade Secrets
  • Report on Deficit Spending Limits of Australian Trade Exchanges
  • Letter to EU Commissioner Michel Barnier of July 14, 2010 to Protect Trade Clearinghouses
  • EU Commissioner Barnier’s Positive Response Letter of September 1, 2010

IV. Articles Library

  • International Barter and Countertrade
  • Trading for Hotels
  • Trading for Restaurants
  • Trading for Health Services
  • Trading for Real Estate
  • Trading for Jewelry
  • Trading for Printing
  • Management Ideas for the Barter Industry
  • Barter and CounterTrade: A Study of Business Practices and Trends
  • Commercial Barter Exchanges in Society
  • Accounting Method of Evaluation of Trade Dollars