Strategic Alliances

Community Currency Law

In a further effort to provide the best updated educational resources for the barter industry, IRTA has forged a strategic alliance with Community Currency Law, (CCL) a San Francisco, CA based group of lawyers who are dedicated providing a library of legal tools, research, and academic papers focused on barter exchange, time bank and complementary currency sectors. IRTA shares its library with and collaborates on various initiatives and projects where such collaboration can be of benefit to the barter industry and general public.

Feel free to access CCL’s vast library at to learn more about key issues and solutions for our industry.

Internal Revenue Service

IRTA & IRS — IRTA’s strategic partnership with the IRS Partnership Outreach is a collaborative effort to work with a major government group to educate business owners on reciprocal trade.

Universal Currency

IRTA & US — IRTA’s Universal Currency is a strategic effort within IRTA to foster trade among members to expand reciprocal trade across regions and countries.