Legends of Barter

In celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the International Reciprocal Trade Association, in 2009 IRTA created the Legends of Barter Award to recognize certain extraordinary individuals that have served the Modern Trade and Barter Industry since 1979. 

The Legends of Barter Award is an honor that recognizes those Modern Trade and Barter Industry Members who have served and helped to shape and define the Industry over a period of ten or more years, through positive and identifiable actions. It is an Industry wide Award and includes individuals from all industry sectors, including Commercial barter, Corporate Barter and the Community Currency Movement. Honorees need not be an IRTA member, current industry member or be present at an IRTA Convention to receive this Award.

The following individuals are hereby recognized for their extraordinary efforts during the past thirty-seven years in shaping and defining the Modern Trade and Barter Industry: