David Wallach Outstanding Achievement Award

David Wallach was one of the barter industry’s finest leaders and visionaries. David Wallach served as IRTA’s President from September 2007 until March of 2011 when the IRTA Global Board of Directors unanimously named him the first President Emeritus of IRTA. David’s contributions to the barter industry and IRTA spanned some thirty plus years.

David Wallach’s passion and love for the barter industry was unprecedented. He selflessly spent thousands of hours every year building the barter industry because he truly believed that the benefits of barter could improve the standard of living of everyone throughout the world. The very phrase “modern trade and barter industry” was created by David Wallach.

Prior to Dave’s barter career he served eight years in the U.S. Air Force, and as a private investigator for Marin County, CA. He later jumped into entrepreneurship by launching a chain of vacuum cleaning stores. In 1979 he formed the American Trade Association and grew it to become one of the largest and most successful barter exchanges in the U.S. After Dave sold his barter exchange, rather kicking back and enjoying the fruits of his labors, Dave re-dedicated himself to the barter industry by getting heavily involved in IRTA, and he maintained that level of commitment to IRTA to his last day.

Dave also loved fishing in Montana, golf, collecting, travel and a good poker game and a great joke. David Wallach loved life to its fullest, he touched the lives of many people in a truly meaningful way and he was a treasure to all who knew him.

IRTA’s David Wallach Outstanding Achievement Award recognizes rare, unselfish and passionate commitment to the barter industry. The kind of selfless commitment that David Wallach exhibited everyday.

A 31-year veteran of the barter industry, Mary Ellen Rosinski has unselfishly devoted every one of those years to helping IRTA and the industry grow. She has done so with the utmost dignity, professionalism, class, and good humor. Mary Ellen is a tremendous asset to our industry and is a well-deserving recipient of this year’s prestigious David Wallach Outstanding Achievement Award.

Mary Ellen co-founded Tradesource, Inc. in 1987 and immediately became a member of IRTA. She has served on the IRTA Global Board of Directors for more than 25 years, was IRTA Treasurer for most of those years and also served as President and Vice President of the North American Board. She has served on numerous IRTA committees including the CTB, Marketing, Membership and Executive Committee. Her expert contributions to the Money Transmitter and Regulations Committee have been invaluable in helping produce a much needed industry clarification regarding trade dollars vs. crypto currencies.

In addition, Mary Ellen has been honored with the IRTA Paul St. Martin Distinguished Service Award, the IRTA Outstanding Achievement and Barter Ambassador Award. She has led numerous seminars and discussion groups during industry conventions on marketing, accounting, 1099 reporting, PCI Compliance, and IRS Regulations. Mary Ellen is an advocate for free market currency and IRTA inclusiveness of qualifying industry members.

A Certified Public Account, Mary Ellen graduated with honors from Arizona State University and started her career at the accounting firm Ernst and Young. Always willing to share her time and expertise with others in the industry, Mary Ellen has designed barter account systems and has helped several barter exchanges successfully abate non-matching TIN penalties.

Scott has been a member of IRTA since 1982. He served on the IRTA Global Board of Directors for more than 20 years, was IRTA President for two terms and held all other Board officer positions for a least one term.

Scott has been honored on three occasions with the highest award IRTA offers; the Paul St. Martin Distinguished Service Award. He has also received several IRTA Outstanding Achievement and Ambassador Awards as well as numerous awards from NATE. Always willing to share his expertise with others in the industry, Scott has led numerous Seminars and Discussion Groups during industry Conventions.

He presently serves as the Chairperson of the Universal Currency Committee and in September of 2016 Scott was elected Co-Vice Chairman of the IRTA Global Board.

Scott graduated from Georgia Tech in 1977 where he attended on a football scholarship and received his BA in Industrial Management.