The Membership Committee works with the Executive Director to assist in identifying and contacting prospective and viable trade exchanges, non-industry companies and/or alternative currency organizations regarding membership in IRTA. The Membership committee reviews all new member applications and votes to accept or deny all new membership applications.
Members: John Strabley (Chairman), Annette Riggs, Scott Whitmer, M. Sirri Simsek, Perry Constantinides, Mary Ellen Rosinski, and Chong Kee Tan
The Ethics Committee reviews all formal ethics complaints that are filed and makes equitable and enforceable decisions based on the facts.
Members: Annette Riggs (Chairman), Perry Constantinides, Ron Whitney, Michael Mercier
The UC Committee is the day-to-day governing body for UC. It meets regularly to approve new UC memberships, regulate credit lines, oversee collection efforts and set overall rules and regulations of UC.
Members: Scott Whitmer (Chairman), Kim Strabley, Perry
Constantinides, Kim Strabley, Jay Greenlees, Ron Whitney (UC Administrator), Patty Weston (UC Broker), Chong Kee Tan, and Karen Welch
This new committee was formed in the Fall of 2015 for the purpose of monitoring crypto-currency regulations and to intercede when necessary with State or Federal agencies to protect the barter industry from potential onerous new regulations that could damage the barter industry. The committee also will be developing an IRTA Advisory Memo on Crypto-Currencies and Money Transmission in early 2016.
Members: Annette Riggs, Scott Whitmer, Chong Kee Tan, Steve White and Ron Whitney
This committee makes recommendations to the Global Board for candidates to fill board seat vacancies at IRTA’s annual convention.
Members: Mary Ellen Rosinski, Vern Ulery & Kent Johnson
This committee formed in November 2012 will be revising the IRTA broker and sales manuals creating other valuable training tools. The committee also will be formalizing a mentoring program for the new members of IRTA.
Members: John Strabley (Chairman), Mary Ellen Rosinski, Annette Riggs, and Paul Bolte
This committee reviews the current IRTA bylaws and makes periodic change recommendations to the global board.
Members: John Strabley (Chairman), Mary Ellen Rosinski, Paul Bolte, John Strabley, Carl Steinbrenner, Esq., and Trevor Dietz
Per Article X. of the IRTA Bylaws, the Executive Committee includes the current President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary of IRTA, and John Strabley, Director at Large, pursuant to Article X., Section 2. of the IRTA Bylaws. “The Executive Committee “may act in place and stead of the Board of Directors between Board meetings on all matters, except those specifically reserved to the Board by the Bylaws.”
Members: Annette Riggs, Scott Whitmer, Mary Ellen Rosinski, Chong Kee Tan, and John Strabley