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Bartercard Europe Joins the International Reciprocal Trade Association


March 22, 2021

Bartercard Europe, a master franchise of Bartercard International covering 40 European countries, has joined the leading global commercial barter industry association, the International Reciprocal Trade Association, (IRTA), as a full member.

This happens on the same month of the 30th Anniversary of the founding of Bartercard Australia, which has facilitated billions of dollars in business-to-business barter exchange services to business across Australia. 20 years ago, Bartercard International was created to bring the brand to New Zealand, Thailand, Dubai, United Kingdom and South Africa and most recently continental Europe.

As a member of IRTA, Bartercard Europe joins many barter and reciprocal trade companies in strengthening an industry that facilitates between 12 and 14 billion in trade between companies each year. As an IRTA member, Bartercard Europe abides by a code of ethics that carries with it the responsibility of managing its operations in a manner that is consistent with the IRTA goal of providing the most professional, ethical, and well-managed organized barter programs to the public.

“The founders of Bartercard/Europe are seasoned professionals in the international alternative currency sector. They understand firsthand the power of organized barter to maximize a businesses’ unused capacity to increase their revenue and preserve their precious cash flow. Certainly, those are important benefits that virtually every business needs in these challenging Covid-19 times,” notes IRTA’s CEO, Ron Whitney.

At a time when many businesses are struggling to survive the economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and policy decisions intended to stop the spread of the virus, Bartercard assist businesses with a supportive network and a line of interest-free internal credit with which to increase cash flow, increase occupancy, reduce excess inventory and help businesses to stay in business.

“We are excited to expand into Continental Europe with our Licensee ValueX, operating as Bartercard Europe, to bring our global vision of the most valuable membership to business owners in Europe. Our 25 year relationship with IRTA will bring valuable knowledge and
experience to the Bartercard Europe operation”, states Tony Wiese, Director of Bartercard International Group.

Headquartered in Lisbon, Bartercard Europe is establishing its operations to provide services to national and regional franchisees across Europe. Bartercard Australia’s decades of experience have focused on the details of how businesses of any size can improve their operations using barter.

Although Bartercard Europe is a new company, the founders have decades of experience in managing international companies in trade finance, reciprocal trade, city, and regional-scale monetary systems design and broadcast media.

“Bartercard Europe is proud to become a member of IRTA and benefit from all the know-how and support to deploy Bartercard across Continental Europe, working together to help SMEs survive at such a difficult time for many business owners, and to thrive in the future,” adds Bartercard Europe CEO Sergio Lopo.

“Bartercard helps companies to work together, exchanging goods and services between both to increase cash flow, increase revenues and make a strong contribution to the resilience of the region where they belong”, he continued.

Stephen DeMeulenaere
Communications Director