IRTA and NATE together Release Advisory Memos for Buyers and Seller of Trade Exchanges


In recognition of the importance for barter exchange owners to understand the numerous dynamics involved with selling or buying a trade exchange, IRTA & NATE have cooperated on an unprecedented level to produce two valuable Advisory Memos for the barter industry:

The memos provide an excellent guidance to assure that buyers and sellers will reach a fair and equitable evaluation of trade exchanges in acquistion/sales scenarios.

IRTA thanks the members of the joint IRTA/NATE Committee:

  • from IRTA:

    Paul Bolte, Scott Whitmer, Annette Riggs, Jay Greenless, and Ron Whitney

  • from NATE:

    Rolf Wilkin, Beth Anne Dressel

Additionally, the joint IRTA/NATE Committee extends a special thanks to IRTA's President and CEO, Ron Whitney, for his visionary zeal, and for being the driving force behind this historical IRTA/NATE collaborative initiative.

If you have any questions or comments about the Buyer and Seller Advisory Memos, please contact Ron Whitney at 757-393-2292, or