IRTA’s Universal Currency (UC) Celebrates 20th Anniversary and Continues to Set Trading Records


When Universal Currency, (UC), was formed in 1997, IRTA envisioned UC would serve the entire barter industry as a meaningful clearinghouse for trade exchanges to trade seamlessly with each other to better satisfy their clients’ needs, and increase their exchange’s trade volume. That vision has been achieved beyond IRTA’s wildest dreams, as UC’s month-in and month-out record-breaking trading volume continues to impress the entire industry.

This year UC has averaged 1.3 million of trading per month and has set all-time monthly trading records every month in 2017. UC posted 1.8 million of trading in May of 2017, another all-time trading record for the month of May. UC is on pace to record over 15 million of trading in 2017.

What explains UC’s incredible success? IRTA & UC’s Chairman of the Board, John Strabley explains, “Growing an inter-exchange trading platform is no different than growing a retail barter exchange – it takes time to build the money supply of the system – it also requires constant vigilance with brokering and never-ending managerial oversight to allow the system to grow and thrive. We have seen many inter-exchange systems come and go over the years that didn’t have the bundle of benefits and expertise that UC & IRTA bring to the table. UC has prospered for the same reasons good exchanges succeed; a quality membership base, full-time attention to brokering/customer service and equitable guidelines for trading and dispute resolution.”

While UC is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year, there’s no question that UC’s success is bolstered by IRTA’s 38 years of pro-active advocacy and educational accomplishments for the barter industry. Tom Greco, complementary currency expert, author and educator observes, “The IRTA team deserves a lot of credit for helping government regulators, business, and the general public to understand the process of credit clearing and its benefits.”

IRTA will be holding its 38th Annual International Convention this year at the Grand Oasis Resort in Cancun from September 14th to 16th, 2017. For more information about IRTA’s convention contact Patty Weston at or Ron Whitney at, or register for the convention on IRTA’s website at