IRTA Announces Award Recipients, Top UC Traders, New Board Members and Officers!

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IRTA recognized the outstanding contributions made by numerous industry professionals in 2016 at last month’s Hard Rock Riviera Maya convention.

IRTA congratulates all of the following award recipients for their meritorious efforts to improve, preserve and protect the barter industry:

Barter Hall of Fame Award:
Jack Schacht

David Wallach Outstanding Achievement Award:
Scott Whitmer

IRTA Outstanding Achievement Award:
Scott Whitmer
John and Kim Strabley
Kent Johnson
Verny Ulery
Carl Steinbrenner, Esq.

Legend of Barter Award:
Barb Martin
James Shannon
Chris Haddawy (accepted by Jenny Kamppila)
Patti Falus

Executive Director Award:
(for outstanding achievements)
Ron Whitney with recipients:
Annette Riggs
John Strabley
Patty Weston

Outstanding Contribution Award:
Michelle Carlson
Anthony Wells
Keely (Whitmer) Merritt
Paul Bolte
Trevor Dietz
Kevin Brown
Chong Kee Tan
Trevor Whitmer

UC Broker of the Year:
Michelle Carlson
(with Patty Weston & Ron Whitney)

Certified Trade Broker (CTB) designations were awarded to:
Ben Jacomb, BBX/UK
Cathy Santiago, Equitrade
Riley Whitmer, Florida Barter
Kim Strabley, CTB/RTB Instructor
Geoff Kolton, Greenapple
Rebecca Biskupski, IMS
Grizelda Sonneberg, IMS
Kevin Lynch, New Barter Network
Vanessa Reyes, TradeFirst, (accepted by Kerri Khalasawi)

Registered Trade Broker (RTB) designations were awarded to:
Mike Lomuto, Bay Bucks Trading Network
Aaron Fernando, Bay Bucks Trading Network
Kim Strabley, CTB/RTB Instructor
Richard Stuart, Greenapple
Taha Arvas, Turk Barter

Universal Currency (UC) also recognized these top 15 UC traders for the year:

  1. International Monetary Systems (IMS)
  2. BizX
  3. Worldtradex
  4. Greenapple Barter Services
  5. Northwest Barter Brokers
  6. Florida Barter
  7. Barter Advertising Solutions
  8. Skyauction
  9. Barter Systems
  10. Hudson Barter
  11. Saturn Barter
  12. Community Connect Trade
  13. We Trade Network
  14. Business Network Inc.
  15. Barter Business Unlimited (BBU)

Additionally, the IRTA membership re-elected Scott Whitmer to the IRTA Global Board of Directors and elected Patti Falus to the board as well.

In keeping with the IRTA Global Board’s goal of improving IRTA’s bylaws to include more modern trends in non-profit corporate governance, the IRTA Global Board created a Chairman of the Board, Vice-Chairman of the Board positions, and re-structured the former Executive Director position into a
President/CEO role.

The new officers of IRTA are:

Chairman of the Board: John Strabley
Co-Vice-Chairpersons of the Board: Annette Riggs & Scott Whitmer
President & CEO: Ron Whitney
Treasurer: Mary Ellen Rosinski
Secretary: Chong Kee Tan

The mission of IRTA is to provide all industry members with an ethically based global organization, dedicated to the advancement of Modern Trade/Barter and other Alternative Capital Systems, through the use of education, self-regulation, high standards and government relations.

If you have any questions, or are interested in joining IRTA and UC, please contact IRTA’s President & CEO, Ron Whitney at or 757-393-2292.