IRTA Model Membership Agreement

IRTA Releases New Updated Model Membership Agreement


A barter organization’s membership agreement and trading rules and regulations provide the foundation for the business relationship between the barter company and its participating members. The membership agreement defines the rights and obligations of each party to the agreement and sets the rules for trading within the system.

Because of the importance of the membership agreement and trading rules and regulations, IRTA has spent a significant amount of time updating and modernizing a new version of IRTA’s 1990’s rendition of the model contract.

IRTA’s Executive Director, Ron Whitney says,”We are proud of our new model membership agreement. It addresses the latest legal nuances that impact our industry and takes into consideration the influences of the internet on our business model. The new model membership agreement is the result of the successful collaboration of many experienced industry leaders and barter savvy attorneys.”

Click HERE to review and download IRTA’s new model membership agreement.

If you have any questions concerning IRTA’s new model membership agreement, call IRTA at 757-393-2292.