IRTA Executive Director Response to Dennis Smith

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Mr. Smith’s never-ending deflection strategy of accusing IRTA of a “deliberate campaign of disinformation” against him is misplaced and not based on the facts.  The facts, which are supported by Mr. Smith’s own emails, are as follows:

Mr. Smith, Annette Riggs and myself discussed our mutual concerns about Ormita and Daniel Evans in late 2013.  As a result of those discussions, Mr. Smith elected to spearhead the investigation and writing of The Ormita Report (TOR).  IRTA agreed to take the facilitator role in securing financial donations to Mr. Smith, which Mr. Smith required in order to do further investigation into Ormita and the writing of TOR. When TOR was completed, IRTA also assisted Mr. Smith with the dissemination of TOR to the barter industry at large.  IRTA set-up a UC barter account for Mr. Smith in the Spring of 2014 and Mr. Smith was paid 4,000 trade dollars by IRTA to disseminate TOR via email to barter industry members. 

From late 2013, through the release of TOR in March of 2014 and up until July 30, 2014, Mr. Smith was pressuring me/IRTA to hire him as a strategic thinker and consultant to IRTA.  Mr. Smith attested to his desire to be a consultant to IRTA in November of 2013 when he wrote:

“a second motivation for me in writing the Ormita Report was to build my credibility with IRTA, particularly that of strategic and creative thinking in problematic situations.  I see myself as being able to provide future services to IRTA…”
Dennis Smith (email to IRTA regarding his desire to be retained by IRTA, dated November 20th, 2013)

After the release of TOR, Mr. Smith enthusiastically endorsed the professionalism of Annette Riggs and myself, by giving us both the highest score of all the people he rated who were involved with TOR: 

“Executive Director and President (respectively) of IRTA (the International Reciprocal Trade Association), their stand against the Ormita fraud (and Daniel Evans) has been spectacular, painful and public. Their approach to the difficult issue of Daniel’s personalisation of business matters has in my eyes been professional and consistent: putting all personal matters aside; dealing with the facts; and simply wanting to stop the rot and disruption that the Ormita fraud has been causing in the industry they obviously care about. Their knowledge and understanding of the Ormita fraud and the enormous damage it has caused is: HIGH. Their opposition and commitment to dealing to the matters: VERY STRONG. Their approach: VERY HIGHLY PROFESSIONAL, even FLAWLESS.”
Dennis Smith (referencing Ron Whitney and Annette Riggs from his "Ormita Fraud Supporters Meter", dated April 2014)

After the release of the “Ormita Fraud Supporters Meter,” above, (which Mr. Smith has since conveniently removed from his blog site), Mr. Smith continued to push me to hire him as a consultant. On July 22, 2014 Mr. Smith emailed IRTA asking to transfer his 4,000 UC trade balance to Bartercard New Zealand.  IRTA & UC complied with Mr. Smith’s request and his entire UC balance of 4,000 was transferred to Bartercard New Zealand on July 30, 2014, so that Mr. Smith could buy printing and other services through Bartercard. Mr. Smith thanked IRTA in writing for making the UC to Bartercard trade dollar transfer.

The day after the 4,000 trade dollar transfer was made, on July 31, 2014 Mr. Smith learned about the UC/IRTA/BPS Technologies contract.  That same day Mr. Smith released the first attack piece against IRTA and Bartercard titled “Bartercard Wants to List.”

Mr. Smith filed 34 more attack posts against IRTA and UC in August of 2014, including blog posts designed to orchestrate the shut-down of the UC trading platform.  The attacks have continued to this day. Why you ask?  The answer is in Mr. Smith’s email to IRTA, dated August 19, 2014:

“I offered my strategic services to you guys (IRTA) and it fell on deaf ears, therefore you are paying the price…”  Dennis Smith (email to IRTA, dated August 19, 2014)

The facts, in Mr. Smith’s own written words are above.  IRTA has never participated in a disinformation campaign against Mr. Smith – we have only stated the facts.
Annette Riggs and I haven’t changed in two years, we still possess the same skill sets, professionalism and passion for the industry today, that Mr. Smith so ardently lauded about in April of 2014, (i.e., before he realized that IRTA wasn’t going to hire him as a consultant). 
Use your free-will, reason and common sense to draw your own conclusions from the facts above.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ron Whitney
IRTA Executive Director