Award Winning Speaker/Actress Dette Glashouwer Named Convention Speaker


The world renown, Amsterdam-based speaker and actress, Dette Glashouwer has been selected to be the keynote presenter at IRTA’s 35th Annual International Convention in Cancun, Mexico from September 25th through 27th, 2014 at the Grand Oasis Resort & Spa.

At the time the financial crisis broke out, Dette Glashouwer had to close her theatre company. She became very interested in the topic of money and decided to make it the central theme of her next series of performances. After a successful first tour in the Netherlands, she traveled to America, Norway, Istanbul where she performed in theaters, festivals, people’s homes, at banks and Timebanks. She spoke with scientists, visionaries, philosophers and out-of- the-box-thinkers to get an answer on her questions: “what is money”, how does the current money system effect our planet and how do barter and complementary currency systems help, and are there other new creative sustainable options available? This led to a second and even a third play on the topic of money.

Dette Glashouwer’s entertaining and informative crash course presentation on the history of money, debt, stocks, barter and complementary currency systems won the 2011 Mediamatic Award for Best Idea.

For additional information about IRTA’s Cancun convention, contact IRTA’s Executive Director, Ron Whitney at, 757-393-2292, or IRTA’s Project Manager, Patty Weston at, 407-951-6797.