Patty Weston Named UC’s Full-Time International Broker & Accounts/Project Manager For IRTA

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IRTA and UC are pleased to announce that Patty Weston has been retained on a full-time basis as UC’s International Broker and the new position of Account and Project Manager for IRTA as of January 2, 2014.

Patty has been with UC for three and a half years and she has attended the last four IRTA Conventions, held in Pittsburgh, Mexico, Jamaica and Las Vegas.

Patty’s 10+ years of broker and industry expertise will be critical to help both IRTA and UC achieve their ambitious goals for the future.

IRTA’s Executive Director Ron Whitney is thrilled with the expansion of Patty’s role, “Patty has been a real asset to UC and IRTA over the last few years. I am delighted that Patty will be helping us in an even greater role going forward. UC and IRTA have experienced tremendous growth over the last seven years, and Patty will help us provide a higher level of member services while also pro-actively helping with the continued expansion of IRTA and UC.”

Patty says she is up for the challenge and welcomes her new responsibilities, by saying, “UC has been setting trading records but still has so much upside potential. I really look forward to working even more closely with every UC member to allow them to maximize their UC trade volume. IRTA is pushing forward on so many fronts – I know I can help Ron make his and the global board’s goals a reality!”

To contact Patty call 407-951-6797, or email her at