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President’s Message: IRTA Completes Another Record Year


2012 was another great year for IRTA and UC as both organizations surpassed their numerous goals for the year.

The IRTA Global board of Directors is proud to report the following notable accomplishments of 2012:

  • UC trading set an all-time annual record of $6,525,976 for 2012 and topped the monthly million dollar trading mark in December of 2012 with $1,024,350 of trading.
  • Held a successful International Convention at the Jamaica Sunset Grande Resort attended by 120 barter professionals, representing 45 barter exchanges and complementary currency organizations from all over the world.
  • Negotiated and implemented a Bartercard/USA recovery program whereby exchanges are able to receive 50% of their former Bartercard/USA positive balances from Barter International Group through UC.
  • Issued a comprehensive Deficit Advisory Memo, “Guidelines & Recommendations for Barter Exchange Deficits.”
  • Attended and contributed to two City of London/British Standards Institute meetings in Europe in an effort to develop global standards for the barter industry. The standards process will help IRTA reach its goal to establish and offer accreditation for the barter industry in the future.
  • Attended and gave the keynote address at Anbell Trade Exchange’s Opening in Jamaica, attended by the Jamaican Prime Minister and other top governmental officials.
  • Issued international press releases including “Organized Barter Systems Growing to Alleviate Financial Stress” that was picked-up by the Wall Street Journal.
  • Worked to obtain an IRS opinion regarding the non-issuance of 1099B’s to pass-through barter entities.
  • Created a non-profit Foundation dedicated to providing barter industry education worldwide.
  • Elevated IRTA’s social media program and created IRTA YouTube and LinkedIn sites.
  • Significantly increased membership in both IRTA and UC.
  • Provided warnings to the industry regarding unscrupulous organizations that threaten the prestige and positive reputation of the barter industry.
  • IRTA surpassed its cash revenue goals for 2012.

Thank you to the multitude of companies and individuals who contributed to IRTA and UC’s success in 2012. IRTA is a member run organization, so your involvement is crucial to its success. Our industry faces many challenges on an ongoing basis. Let’s all work together in a constructive way to improve and grow our industry so that our individual companies will thrive and benefit from the opportunities before us.

We encourage you to let us know what is important to you and we appreciate the commitment and participation of our IRTA members.

IRTA and UC will continue to pro-actively advocate for the barter and complementary currency sectors and we look forward to another great year in 2013 filled with creative new initiatives that will benefit your business and our industry in general.

Best wishes for much success in the New Year!

Annette Riggs
President, IRTA & UC