BBU Creates Barter Program to help Families in Newton, Connecticut

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IRTA/UC just received word from Debbie Lombardi about the fabulous work she and BBU are doing to help assist families stricken by the horrific tragedy in Newtown, CT., just 30 minutes from BBU.

December 17, 2012

Good Morning Ron, IRTA and UC:

I am sure you are aware of the horrific tragedy that Connecticut is suffering through right now.

Countless people are affected directly and indirectly locally and nationally. Everyone knows the innocence of a small child, the curiosity in there eyes as they try and comprehend. Sadly these children and their families have an unthinkable task ahead of them to recover.

In Connecticut and beyond rarely has a dry eye been seen since Friday, our children, friends, neighbors, communities and customers are traumatized. It has be a combination of asking why, shock, pain, confusion, blame and anger.

We can only imagine what the children and families in that community are feeling right now.

This weekend we made a decision to do something about this and have been in talks helping an organization called The Cove for Grieving Children.

The Cove provides family and school-based programs utilizing the peer support group concept for helping children, teens and families work with their unresolved grief due to the death of someone significant in their lives and other traumatic losses. The Cove also provides professional development and training for adults working with children and teens.

They are opening a facility in Newtown that will be there long after all the smoke has cleared to help the families and children affected for YEARS to come.

We have committed to raising $100,000 in barter for the project. So far we have raised thousands internally in barter and tens of thousands externally in cash through our contacts. We are happy to report that because of the efforts they are now able to make the first steps and secure space for the operations so they can get to work immediately.

Their web site is

It’s not only a great cause it’s a necessary one – We have seen the damage first hand what are caused from mental health issues from not having adequate support.

We can make a permanent difference in the lives of our children.

Thank you and god bless,

This is your chance to help! Please seriously consider donating UC trade dollars now for the cause! Your trade dollar contributions will go to The Cove for Grieving Children to provide counseling opportunities to all of those who are suffering.

Your donations are tax deductible. Simply supply BBU with your name and address. You will receive a donation letter for tax purposes.

Please read Debbie Lombardi’s email notice in full below to understand more about the program. And contact UC’s International Broker Patty Weston,, 321-397-2050 or Ron Whitney at, 757-393-2292 to make your donation today!

Thank you for your time, attention and consideration.