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IRTA Elects Three International Members to Global Board of Directors


IRTA is proud to announce that three well-accomplished international IRTA members were elected to the Global Board of Directors at IRTA’s 33rd International Convention in Ocho Rios on September 15, 2012. The three new board members are; Paul Bolte, CEO of Bartercard New Zealand, Andrew Pairman, CEO of Anbell Trade Exchange, Ltd. in Kingston, Jamaica, and Rob van Hilten, of Qoin, (agency for Community Currencies), in the Netherlands.

Each new board member’s vision and goals for IRTA are posted below next to their pictures. Congratulations to all of IRTA’s new board members!

“I am excited to be on the IRTA Global Board and look forward to helping raise the profile of our industry across the world. The time is right for our industry and we all need to work together to maximize the opportunities that the current world financial situation creates for the trade industry.”
—Paul Bolte

“I’m excited to be a part of such a team of experienced barter professionals and look forward to a great year. One key goal is a renewed focus on brokers, the ‘heartbeat’ of global barter trading, through an initiative to share best practices and collaborate more with each other in recognition of the pivotal role they play. The intention is to involve them in a more meaningful way, beyond the provisions of the CTB/RTB program, to culminate with a high energy ‘broker day’ at the 2013 International Convention.”
—Andrew Pairman

“I’d like to bring strategic insight about the actual position of bartering in the global economic downturn and assist both IRTA and its members to make the most out of this situation and I’d like to help IRTA further develop itself to be a truly global representative and promoter of the global community currency movement.”
—Rob van Hilten