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Saturday, April 19, 2014
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Industry Alert: Investigation Concludes Daniel Evans & Ormita are a Fraud

IRTA alerts the industry to the findings of a comprehensive investigation and report on Daniel Evans and Ormita.

The Ormita Report, released on March 26, 2014 reveals a long history of misinformation and fraudulent activities by Daniel Evans and his company Ormita.

The Ormita Report was well researched and written by New Zealand author and blogger Dennis Smith and it provides credible evidence that Ormita is an international con.

The findings of The Ormita Report are consistent with IRTA's knowledge of Mr. Evan's deceptive business practices and Ormita as a fraudulent organization. According to the author, Ormita is "little more than a one-man-band using smoke and mirrors" and Ormita's claimed trade volume figures are a "total fabrication".

IRTA highly recommends that you read the report, and then inform any barter companies or organizations that are considering doing business with Daniel Evans or Ormita, as well as any victims of Mr. Evans and Ormita.

IRTA was founded in 1979 to foster the common interests of the worldwide barter industry and to uphold high standards of ethical business practices within the industry.

Over the last thirty-five years IRTA has taken a proactive role in preserving, protecting and enhancing the global barter industry.

We believe that IRTA has a responsibility to expose and confront dubious barter operators so as to protect the public and fellow barter industry members from harm.

Widespread dissemination of this comprehensive report will be of benefit to the international business community.

The Ormita Report can be found at

If you have questions or seek further information, please contact IRTA's Executive Director, Ron Whitney at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or 757-393-2292 (U.S.)

President's Message - IRTA Finishes Another Great Year!

2013 was another record setting year for IRTA and UC as both organizations surpassed their goals for the year.

The IRTA Global Board of Directors is proud to report the following notable accomplishments of 2013:

* UC trading set an all-time annual trading record of over 8.5 million for 2013 and set an all-time monthly record of 1.1 million in December of 2013.

* IRTA and UC surpassed their cash revenue goals for 2013 by 9%.

* Held an incredibly successful 34th Annual International Convention at the five-star Las Vegas Venetian Resort attended by 130 barter professionals representing 45 barter exchanges and complementary currency organizations from all over the globe.

* Provided CTB training and certification to a record number 25 people at the IRTA Las Vegas Convention.

* Issued a comprehensive Franchise and License Agreements Advisory Memo which provided the legal parameters of proper franchise and licensing for the industry. 

* Along with the U.N. and the STRO Foundation, IRTA provided  critical support to a Kenyan based non-profit community currency group (Koru-Kenya, Bangla-Pesa's) to help get criminal charges against the group dropped by the Kenyan government. The project is operational again with government support.

* Attended and contributed to two European meetings in an effort to build IRTA's international base and affiliations with other complementary currency systems.

* Hosted a three day meeting in Washington D.C. with the International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation in an effort to develop a multi-layered barter system for 57 Islamic countries. 

* Engaged in discussions with Chinese representatives to establish a barter training protocol and barter system for China.

* Launched a new website design for IRTA's website in February 2013.

* Elevated IRTA's social media program and created IRTA YouTube and LinkedIn sites.

* Significantly increased membership in both IRTA and UC.

* Provided warnings to the industry regarding unscrupulous organizations that threaten the prestige and positive reputation of the barter industry.

IRTA and UC will continue to pro-actively advocate for barter and complementary currency systems in 2014. We encourage you to get more involved in IRTA and UC in 2014 and welcome your participation.

Thank you to all of the devoted volunteers that serve on important committees and to my fellow Global Board Members who generously commit their time and resources.

We look forward to another great year in 2014 filled with creative new initiatives that will benefit your business and our industry in general.

Best wishes for the New Year!

Annette Riggs

President, IRTA & UC

Patty Weston Named UC's Full-Time International Broker & Accounts/Project Manager For IRTA

IRTA and UC are pleased to announce that Patty Weston has been retained on a full-time basis as UC's International Broker and the new position of Account and Project Manager for IRTA as of January 2, 2014.

Patty has been with UC for three and a half years and she has attended the last four IRTA Conventions, held in Pittsburgh, Mexico, Jamaica and Las Vegas.

Patty's 10+ years of broker and industry expertise will be critical to help both IRTA and UC achieve their ambitious goals for the future.

IRTA's Executive Director Ron Whitney is thrilled with the expansion of Patty's role, "Patty has been a real asset to UC and IRTA over the last few years. I am delighted that Patty will be helping us in an even greater role going forward. UC and IRTA have experienced tremendous growth over the last seven years, and Patty will help us provide a higher level of member services while also pro-actively helping with the continued expansion of IRTA and UC."

Patty says she is up for the challenge and welcomes her new responsibilities, by saying, "UC has been setting trading records but still has so much upside potential. I really look forward to working even more closely with every UC member to allow them to maximize their UC trade volume. IRTA is pushing forward on so many fronts - I know I can help Ron make his and the global board's goals a reality!"

To contact Patty call 407-951-6797, or email her at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

IRTA's Las Vegas Convention Gets Rave Reviews!

IRTA's 34th Annual International Convention at the five-star Venetian Resort Hotel has received rave reviews from the attendees. A record number of people attended IRTA convention!

Here is a sampling of what they said:

"An awesome convention!" - Mary Ellen Rosinski, Tradesource, Phoenix, Arizona

"This was my 4th IRTA Convention and the best ever! Outstanding seminars and networking second to none. Do yourself a favor and never miss an IRTA Convention!" - Rolf Wilkin, Local Trade Partners, Fayetteville, Arkansas

"It was great to meet so many owners who set the standard so high in the industry - it was extremely productive time spent!" - Kevin Brown, Hudson Barter, Elmsford, New York

"I loved the Venetian - best convention food I've ever had!" - Karen Welch, We Trade Network, Missoula, Montana

"Amazing venue, great presentations and lots of camaraderie!" - Jose Rivero, Tradaq, San Paulo, Brazil

IRTA is a non-profit organization, founded in 1979, dedicated to raising the standards of the barter and trade industries worldwide.

IRTA holds an International Annual Convention every year to educate and provide professional training the barter industry participants, including retail exchanges, corporate trade companies, and complementary currency organizations.

This Year's IRTA Convention Award Recipients

Annette Riggs Receives President's Excellence Award

Lois Dale Named 2013 Hall of Fame Recipient

Terry Brandfass Captures David Wallach Award

IRTA bestowed a number of awards to deserving recipients at its 34th Annual International Convention held from September 19th through 21st, 2013 at the Venetian Resort Hotel in Las Vegas.

Annette Riggs received a President's Excellence Award from the IRTA Global Board of Directors for her outstanding leadership and advocacy work on behalf of IRTA and the retail barter, complementary currency, corporate barter and counter-trade sectors of the industry.

Lois Dale was named 2013's Hall of Fame recipient for her 29+ years of devoted service to IRTA and the barter industry. Terry Brandfass received the 2013 David Wallach Outstanding Achievement Award for her energetic and passionate efforts to enhance the industry.

A record number of twenty-four individuals took the Registered Trade Broker (RTB) and Certified Trade Broker (CTB) programs and Kim Strabley and Dea Allgood both received Paul St. Martin Awards for their tireless contributions to these important industry educational programs.

IRTA Legend of Barter Awards were also given to John Strabley (IMS), Lois Best-Mercier (Metro Trade), Mike Krane (Greenapple Barter), Debbie Lombardi (BBU), Scot Mathewson (iTradeearth), Paul Bolte, (Bartercard) and Bruce Kamm (Virtual Barter).

Trevor Dietz, COO of Bartercard received an Outstanding Achievement Award for his selfless service and assistance to IRTA.

IRTA has recognized excellence in the barter and trade industry for the last thirty-four years. IRTA encourages all industry participants to help IRTA preserve, protect and enhance the barter and trade industries by getting involved with IRTA and its international trading platform, Universal Currency Clearinghouse Inc. (UC).

IRTA Global Board of Directors

Scott Whitmer & Kevin Daly Elected to IRTA Global Board of Directors & Scott Whitmer Elected Vice President of IRTA

Joyce Bingman Receives UC Broker of the Year Award

The IRTA membership elected Scott Whitmer from Florida Barter and Kevin Daly from NuBarter, Sarasota, Florida to the IRTA Global Board of Directors at IRTA's 34th Annual International Convention at the Venetian Resort Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Hall of Fame member Scott Whitmer was then elected as Vice President of IRTA by the Global Board of Directors in its September 21st, 2013 meeting.

Joyce Bingman from Florida Barter received the coveted UC Broker of the Year Award for her outstanding contributions to UC's growth over the past year.

IRTA Appreciation Awards were also given to the following individuals for their valuable contributions to IRTA:

Patty Weston, (UC's International Broker), Tom Greco (Complementary Currency author), Aaron Christensen (Saturn Barter), Heather Lombardi (BBU), Rebecca Lucas (IMS), Andrew Pairman (Anbell Trade), Mary Ellen Rosinski (Tradesource), Carl Steinbrenner, Esq. (IRTA's Legal Counsel), Rob van Hilten (Qoin), Dale Mardak (IMS), Chong Kee Tan (Bay Bucks), Paul Bolte (Bartercard), Gary Field (NuBarter) and Bob Bagga (BizX).

IRTA would like to thank to entire Convention Committee, (Annette Riggs, Andrew Pairman, Paul Bolte & Ralph Proctor), and especially the exceptional efforts of Co-Chairpersons, Terry Brandfass and Catherine Cohen! Great job! 

Congratulations to the Scott Whitmer and Kevin Daly and to all the awards recipients at IRTA's 34th Annual Convention!

False and Distorted Statements

False and Distorted Statements About IRTA by Daniel Evans/Ormita Commerce Network

Over the course of the past year, the International Reciprocal Trade Association and its wholly-owned subsidiary corporation, Universal Currency Clearinghouse, Inc. (collectively "IRTA") have been the target of a concerted disinformation campaign by the Ormita Commerce Network and its Chief Executive Officer, Daniel Evans, which is adversely affecting IRTA's reputation, as well as having a negative impact on the credibility and stature of the trade, barter and alternative capital systems industry.

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International Reciprocal Trade Association News

The new IRTA website features custom architecture and a new enhanced user experience.

It's rich interactive interface is designed to enhance member's and visitor's online experience.

Member Directory: Find a Local Exchange.

View the Member Directory to find select barter exchanges committed to the highest ethics and industry standards.

Assure a positive experience with IRTA Members.

View Member Directory

UC Members: Enhanced trade opportunities.

UC Member exchanges offer enhanced value with a brilliant array of worldwide reciprocal trade opportunites.

Enhance your success with UC Member exchanges.

View UC Members

IRTA Member News and Information


VirtualBarter launches FixXchange.

FixXchange, a new member service, empowers 30,000 FixxBook contractors to trade their services and excess inventories with select US barter exchange members.

Read More

iTradeEarth launches new website.

iTradeEarth, in its quest to provide its members with an exicting, intuitive, online user experience, launched its new website and trading platform to rave member reviews.

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PCI Compliance

Recent Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards require organizations that accept credit and debit cards to follow new strict guidelines for the handling of credit and debit card information so as to prevent credit and debit card fraud. The new PCI standards clearly apply to barter exchanges and/or community currency organizations.

Specifically, the common practice of emailing or faxing member credit card information on travel requests is not compliant. The solution is to have the member call the hotel or property directly with their cc info after confirmation. It will go directly into their computer system without a document being passed from person to person in an unsecure manner.

Non-compliant companies who maintain a relationship with one or more of the card brands, either directly or through an acquirer, risk losing their ability to process credit card payments and being audited and/or fined..

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Latest Newsflash!

Charges Against Bangla-Pesa Dropped


The Kenyan Director of Public Prosecutions announced on August 23, 2013 that all charges against the Bangla-Pesa poverty reduction complementary currency program.

IRTA played an important role in the appeal process with the submission of Annette Rigg's June 4, 2013 letter to Kenyan government officials in support of the Bangla-Pessa program as "perfectly acceptable and legal form of commerce" that would "facilitate more exchange within the Bangladesh community and help the local economy.

Read the Announcement About the Charges Being Dropped

View Letter from IRTA's President Annette Riggs


IRTA Assists Non-Profit Kenyan Complementary Currency Group Facing Forgery Charges  


Six members of the non-profit communitybased organization known as Koru-Kenya, were recently arrested and are facing seven years in jail on forgery charges resulting from the creation of a complementary currency called Bangla-Pesa. 

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Contribute to the Kenyan Bangla-Pesa Program

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